A cutting edge propagation technology that significantly enhances the establishment speed of slow-growing vegetative turf grass, such as zoysiagrass.

GO-LAWN is the roll-like product made of soil-free sprigs and double layer of 100% natural cotton nettings. With the GO-LAWN, zoysiagrass can be established much faster than conventional sprigging method.

If you are interested in obtaining a license for manufacturing and marketing of ZNPS technology, outside Japan, U.S. and Southeast Asia, please don't hesitate to ask us for terms, conditions and availability.

Zoysia japonica (Local strains)
Zoysia matrella(Local strains)
Hybrid bermudagrass
(including "Tifway" which was originally imported from the foundation field of the Georgia Seed Development Commission, Georgia, USA)
Seashore paspalum
St. Augustinegrass (Locally-available varieties)
Above varieties can be shipped in a following style.

Sod (available only in Japan )
Washed soil-free sprigs (can be shipped internationally)
GO-LAWN (can be shipped internationally)
(GO-LAWN is the original product made of soil-free turfgrass sprigs and double layer of natural cotton netting)
Except for several patented cultivars, ZOYSIAN can ship soil-free turfgrass sprigs outside Japan by air. If you want Zoysia fairways, roughs and tees for less cost, don't hesitate to ask us for cost estimate.
If you are interested in Japanese turfgrass industry, there is an article about "Turfgrass production in Japan" on "Turf News July/August 1994 issue, which was published by Turfgrass Producers International (formerly called "American Sod Producers Association") issue". Click here to view the PDF formatted file of this article.

Soil Conditioner
From heavy clay to volcanic ash, our newly-released soil conditioner "TURF-SOILUTION" can instantaneously turn any kind of soil into a well-drained soil which consists of poly-porous aggregations.

TURF-SOILUTION can improve:
Water infiltration and permeability
Air permeability
Fertilizer holding property
Rooting and root spread

Soil erosion
Soil compaction
Adhesion of clay and silt

Resistance to slaking and dispersion of soil
Disease resistance of turfgrass plants

TURF-SOILUTION is a miracle soil conditioner available exclusively from ZOYSIAN
If you are interested in our TURF-SOILUTION, please e-mail to: