Yoshifumi Miyachi, founder of Zoysian Japan Co.,Ltd met a turfgrass during World War ||, when his father "Sadaaki Miyachi" ,president of "Hakko-gumi" company was providing the wild-grown zoysia japonica sod for the airfields owned by the Japanese Military. At that time, many military airfields in Japan were paved with the natural grass. After the end of World War ||, 'Sadaaki's company "Hakko-gumi" was dissolved.

In 1967, Yoshifumi established his own turfgrass sales and installation company "Sanyo Turf Co.,Ltd ". Since 1974, Sanyo Turf Co., Ltd. has been providing the ground shaping and turf installation services to over fifteen local golf courses in western Japan. In 1982, Yoshifumi built his own golf course "Senyogahara Golf Club" beside his home.

Based on his accumulated onsite experiences , Yoshifumi developed the ZN Planting System (Z.N.P.S.) in 1988. With the development of this innovative technology, he has established "ZOYSIAN JAPAN CO., LTD" for the production and marketing of the roll-like grass product "GO-LAWN".

Today, Yoshifumi plays an important role as the industry's leader in the field of vegetative turfgrass establishment technology. He and his colleagues will continue to develop new products and solutions that can meet the demand of professional turf managers around the world.

In any business, keeping a good balance of both "experience" and "knowledge" is important. All of the technologies developed by ZOYSIAN were born from the actual needs of the planting site.

ZOYSIAN tries to prove all the discoveries in a scientific base right after the field test. At ZOYSIAN, field workers and agronomists work so closely and actively exchange the information each other. This is the strength of ZOYSIAN.

ZOYSIAN is deeply specialized in natural turfgrass business and is not a large enterprise. Therefore, we can put all of our business resources into turfgrass research and development. Since we highly concentrate on turfgrass, we have a full of confidence with our products and services.

ZOYSIAN currently monitors over 360 kinds of Zoysia japonica germ plasm at our "M&Y Collection". At "M&Y collection", there are approximately 360 kinds of zoysiagrass germ plasm that were collected from all across Japan.

Our genius engineers have been working hard to develop the state-of- the-art equipment, which meets a need of turfgrass professionals around the world. From a mechanical sprig planter to an automated sprig distribution unit, ZOYSIAN will continue to develop the special machines to meet the onsite needs.

Corporate name:
Head quarter:

Date of establishment:
Paid-up capital:
275 Chikada, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinseki-gun,
Hiroshima, Japan
Yoshifumi Miyachi
July 20, 1988
JPY 96,000,000.
30 (as of October,2006)

Major Business Activity :

¥Research and development of vegetative turfgrass planting technology
¥Production, sale and installation of various turfgrasses.
¥Production, sale and installation of GO-LAWN, a roll-like grass product.
¥Turfgrass installation and maintenance service
¥Leasing of turf-related equipment.

Organizations Belonging to:
Japanese Society of Turfgrass Science
Japan Turfgrass Association(Board of trustee)
Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
Turfgrass Producers International (Japan Rep)
American Zoysiagrass Association
Japanese Society of Vegetation technology
Association for creating beautiful space
Japan Golf Industrial Association

Major Bank of Account:
The Chugoku Bank, LTD, Ekiya branch.

Affiliated Companies:
Sanyo Turf, Co., Ltd.
Senyogahara Golf Club

Foreign Licensees:
Winrock Grass Farm, Inc. (U.S.A.)